With senior associates in Hong Kong, France and Korea, Infinity 8 Talents is ideally positioned to be your partner of choice in finding new talents.

Finding new talents

In today’s difficult economic situation, companies need more than ever to find talented employees.
A company with a talented team can benefit from crucial market insights, develop business strategy, increase market share, optimize efficiency, provide leadership and foster innovation.

What we do

Infinity 8 Talents was established by human resources professionals with experience of both local and international recruitment in the luxury field. Because we understand your business, we also understand your needs, your criteria and your values.
We help you to find local and international talents. We do this by constantly monitoring the business environment, networking and investigating to ensure that we know who is who in your field. Our search for talent is constant, so when we are approached by a prospective employer we already know the path to the right people.

The process

Firstly, with our background knowledge we identify and pinpoint talent. We then investigate the potential candidates' capabilities, skills and personality so we can provide a thorough assessment to our clients.

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